St Finbar Ryan
Rigsby Pius Charles
San Fernando Home
St Andrews Home
Nazareth Half Way Home
Mason Hall Home

Homes for the elderly and ill

Here, our aim is to relieve loneliness or deprivation caused by lack of family and friends. We also listen to people, provide basic, everyday services like going to the shops, taking care of paperwork, accompanying visits to the doctor, etc. It is important for us to create bonds of affection which provide them with the friendship and intimacy they need so much.

Helping the sick

The SSVP provides care and support for people who are sick, especially for patients who are alone, or whose families cannot take care of them. We are developing health campaigns and promote creation of medical centres.

Helping the Homeless

We provide various social programmes for this real need: hostels, day centres, sheltered accommodation, social clothing and meal centres. We also provide basic help with food, personal hygiene, clothing and daily living needs, and provide training and support packages.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop